Muslim Fundamentalists IPS Irshad Wali to face action under IPC sections of 420, 467, 468, 471, 384, 386, 437, and 500 by Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim

Muslim Fundamentalists IPS Irshad Wali to face action under IPC sections of 420, 467, 468, 471, 384, 386, 437, and 500 by Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim

Bhopal. In the Criminal Review petition against Bhopal Rural IG Irshad Wali in the Bhopal district Court things have taken a horrific turn for the IPS officer. Petitioner Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim was harrased and implicated in false cases in the year 2019 to the year 2020 for publishing news against Tabliqui Jamaat's Mela Mafia and Illegal madarsas of Bhopal after which give it a communal angle muslim IPS Irshad Wali who was the then DIG of Bhopal threatened senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim to not publish any news against muslims or he will have to face severe consequences. On not paying heed to the muslim fundamentalists IPS's threats, Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim Continued publishing news fearlessly after which he was implicated in 4 false cases back-to-back within a week in late December 2019 and first week of January 2020. The IPS Irshad Wali did not even stopped there, but implicated senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim in a false case during the lockdown in the pandemic of Covid-19 which took the entire world in their homes. To block his bail plea, Muslim Fundamentalists IPS Irshad Wali presented a fake false criminal list of Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim and also prepared an externment application for the Journalist. The length at which this muslim IPS could go on, can be gauged by the fact that the IPS himself went to the Public Relations Department of Madhya Pradesh situated in Banganga area of Bhopal and forced the authorities to cancel the Senior Journalist's State Level Accredited Card which he possessed since a decade long. 

Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim and his family was forced to Stay out of their house when the whole country was under locked down and safe in their homes but this Muslim IPS to clear his vandata made a handicap Journalist stay outside his home. 

Taking cognizance of this brutual act, the IPS now faces serious cases against him pending in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Supreme Court of India, Press Council of India, Human Rights Commission of India. 

Senior Journalist Anam Ibrahim with his lawyer Yawar Mustafa Khan moved the district court in Bhopal, against the fake criminal list presented by Muslim IPS Irshad Wali to malign the Journalist's image after which taking strong objection of the act preformed by the IPS, the Court has now allowed Irshad Wali to face strict action against him under IPC sections of 420, 467, 468, 471, 384, 386, 437, and 500. 

This IPS is the same IPS who during his training days was found in drunk condition in Sapna Bar in Hyderabad. The imputation of misconduct stipulated that while undergoing training he consumed liquor on Swapna Bar at Aramghar Chowrashtha on 1st May, 2005 along with two other IPS probationers Sh.Kewal Khurana and Anand Prakash, Tiwari which act was in violation of Rule 20(bb) of All India Services (Conduct) Rules 1968 and later on after coming out of the bar at about 2115 hours while purchasing cigarettes he had an altercation with the vendor of pan shop over the price of cigarette packet which resulted into a scuffle and fight. The statement of imputation categorically asserted that the respondent was making a call on his mobile phone and seeing the scuffle involving his colleague, left the place to call a police patrol party and later on went to Raghavendra hospital where Sh.Kewal Khurana and Sh.Anand Prakash Tiwari were given first aid. Later on seeing the police constable who was asked to come and help IPS probationers, near the hospital the respondent abused him and then pounced upon him for his refusal to rush to the scene of scuffle upon respondent request earlier but he was physically restrained and held back by other probationers preventing him from proceeding further against the constable and thus his behavior of abusing and pouncing upon the police constable was unbecoming of a member of the service and was in violation of Rule 3(1) of All India Services (Conduct) Rules 1968. Irshal Wali is the resident of R/o Gumti No.3, Bhikhanpur, Bhagalpur, Bihar.